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The garden palace is a Saudi based and registered establishment, established by the owner Mr. Jamil Hassoubah, who is passionate about environmental activities and landscaping generally.

Successfully attracted the best teammates and members with a group of Landscaping architect designers, interior designing engineers, Consultants, Operation Managers, and project managers backed with a highly experienced and skilled team of fixers and gardeners. Sharing an experience of more than 25 years among them on various micro and macro planning & execution of projects. The company has collaborated with several agencies, thus offering its clients versatile services accurately within stipulated time frames.

The Garden Palace, in a sense, has revolutionized the way outsourced projects are catered. Confidence, orderly operation, prudential guidance, and expert supervision are the factors that have drawn in leading organizations to work with us. We too have upheld the trust vested in us. From accounting services to taxation, insurance to bookkeeping, data integration to drug testing, we bring together the best technologies, software and human resources to live up to the expectations of our associate clients.

Among outsourcing firms, The Garden Palace outshines others in terms of quality, reliability, accuracy, cost incurred and timely delivery. This is what our clients say and we just continue to uphold the notion through our perseverance.

  • Full-fledged engineering and construction solutions
  • State-of-the-art, well-equipped fabrication yard
  • Highly-skilled and experienced technical team.